Friday, April 29, 2011

Launch Into Spring

 This poor little fellow couldn't find his way out of our shed. He flew and flew against the window and finally, perched on the windowsill for a rest. After a few shots he found his exit. He was so pretty, with a red chin and green wings. The light was very bad, so the color isn't really there, but he's just so cute!

 Blackberry Blossoms!!!

 These aren't blackberries and they've never produced fruit, but the blossoms are pretty in the springtime.
 Momma's Clematis vine.
 We planted garlic this year and the cloves are just sprouting. I love to watch things grow!
 This is the second time in 8 years that this rose plant has blossomed. Hopefully more pics of this in a later post.
Love the tiger stripes on this iris.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Spring Forward" Celebrating Daylight Savings Time

Thanks for being so patient! I've got a lot of new photos to post, just having a hard time finding them. I'm not an extremely organized person, so a few have gotten lost along the way. :D Hopefully I'll recover all the little stragglers and have them up for your viewing enjoyment soon! Here are some leftover winter/Christmas photos along with some newer Springtime pics. Enjoy!